#Fashion | Vogue VIP x Fossil

#TeamShic was lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive Vogue VIP x Fossil collaboration at the Fossil store on HuaiHai Lu. The 2 super brands teamed up to teach us how to make some new and interesting dishes that mix maths, fashion and food.

As we were told, food is all about numbers and Fossil is all about numbers and innovation so the creative chef was the perfect leader through this ‘experiment’. We learned to make (although I don’t know how easy they would be to recreate) a cold Apple, Celery and Prune soup, some pretty delicious salmon and a nitrous oxide cream meringue. Whilst it was all very delicious, and we did learn that the best eggs are those cooked at 65degrees for 15 minutes, it might be a little hard to do these dishes at home.

Either way, the snacks were adorable and we were loving the experiment theme too.

Check out the photos from the event below.



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