#Travel | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

#Travel | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

It’s rare that when looking to escape Shanghai you look to going to another city for a break (Hong Kong visa runs don’t count as a holiday) but sometimes leaving the city can just feel a tad too much. Ho Chi Minh is the perfect place to ease yourself into leaving the city. Don’t get me wrong, the place is still huge, but it’s not quite as big as Shanghai, but it’s pretty crazy.

Ho Chi Minh is an interesting mix of modern and old, with a little bit of communist past thrown in for good measure. It’s the city to be in if you’re looking for some good nightlife.

Where to Stay

Villa Song Saigon

Saigon Hotel

Ho Chi Minh is a relatively typical South-East Asian city but with a little bit of a different history. Hanoi has its old buildings and French style but Ho Chi Minh has its gems as well and the Villa Song is one of them. Luxury on top of luxury will make you not want to leave the hotel, but you should.

What to Do in Ho Chi Minh

Check out the Nightlife

High-rise night clubs and bars are the thing to be done here as well as the traditional venture to the backpacker street. Your options in Ho Chi Minh are endless and amazingly cheap as well. Be sure to check out backpacker central Pham Ngu Lao or if you’re in the mood for some great views and great music, head to Chill Skybar.

Visit the Tunnels and Museums

The history of Vietnam is one of tragedy and war and it’s a fascinating place to see. Ho Chi Minh (named after the dictator) is full of history and it’s essential that you check out some of the museums and the tunnels. The War Museum is a must to check out the full history of the Vietnam war.

Go Shopping!

Ho Chi Minh is pretty much the shopping capital of the country with tonnes of high-end stores, cute boutiques and noisy markets. Check out the Ben Thanh Market to pick up gifts and souvenirs or take a walk down Dong Khoi Street in downtown District 1 to do some window shopping or pick up some decorations for your apartment.

Photos of Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh


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