#Fashion | Hui by Eran Hui

#Fashion | Hui by Eran Hui

HUI BY ERAN HUI品牌是由设计师惠文龙先生于2014年在上海所创立的同名设计师品牌。时装裁剪+潮牌符号的混合设计手法是其品牌的最大特色。我们惯用强对比设计手法。如:强对比色彩、面料以及图案等,去体现一切“矛盾文化”所带来的视觉效果。欧洲高级时装的剪裁配以美式街头文化的符号,两种对立文化的混合设计呈现出HUI式设计的独特美学。

The brand ERAN HUI has founded in 2014 by fashion designer Eran Hui. It’s featured by mix Europe style cutting and American street fashion. Colors,fabrics and patterns makes strong contraction. It has become one of the most wanted local fashion brands by Chinese celebrities.

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