#Fashion | Carrie Hammer Shanghai – Role Mod...

#Fashion | Carrie Hammer Shanghai – Role Models Not Real Models

New York based designer Carrie Hammer brought her inspirational fashion show to Shanghai as part of Shanghai Fashion Week. With her Trademarked expression ‘Role Models not Real Models’ as the mantra of the show, 20 inspiring China based women walked the runway in Carries’ signature work-wear with a few pieces that would be good for formal events.

Carrie Hammer毕业于加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA),当年读经济学和妇女学双专业,毕业后从事广告宣传工作,后来在帕森巴黎设计学院学时装商务和营销。2012年Carrie推出了她的同名品牌,CARRIE HAMMER,在纽约市给职业女性提供美观,时尚,蓬勃的服装。因其时装品牌公司的发展,Carrie被录取参加著名的托里•伯奇基金会及高盛银行的万小企业计划项目。2015年,Carrie被评为美国福布斯杂志30岁以下30位俊杰榜单,以及创业家杂志最值得关注的15名妇女创业者榜单。

#TeamShic was invited as a special guest of the fabulous Michelle Yeh from Green & Gorgeous, just one of the 21 inspirational women walking in the show. This type of show has become Carrie’s signature style and has proved very successful in her native New York and seems to have proven equally so in Shanghai.

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