#Eat | Best Ice Cream Places in Shanghai

#Eat | Best Ice Cream Places in Shanghai



Light, healthy and refreshing. Cloud Berry is our go to Froyo place when we are looking for a quick and icy treat. Their Tian Zi Fang branch even has fun swings that are super fun on a summery day.

当你想要找个冰凉小品来快速犒劳一下自己时,低卡、健康、清爽的的Cloud Berry的优格酸奶是个绝佳的选择。他们的田子坊店内甚至还有秋千,在夏日里乐趣十足。

Where to get it: 63 Taikang Lu // 泰康路63号

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Everybody’s favorite cookie brand now offers an even more fantastic dessert. A mix of your favorite cookies with irresistible ice -cream. You just have to have this, it is soooo good. 


Where to get it: Metrobank Plaza, 1/F, 1160 Yan’an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu // 延安西路1160号1楼105室, 近番禺路


Chocolate heaven for all chocolate lovers. This place wont shock you with a million choices. You only get to have one heavenly chocolate flavor to indulge on. 

给巧克力爱好者推荐的是Chocolate heaven (巧克力天堂)。在这里你不必面对繁多的选择,只需要用一款天堂般美味的巧克力来宠爱自己。

Where to get it: 174 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu // 襄阳南路174号 近复兴中路

lad-made_1 LAB MADE

This place is fun because you get to watch the makers create some fun ice-cream magic. We wont tell you much, you have to go there to experience it for yourself. 


Where to get it: 153 Nanchang Lu, near Maoming Nan Lu // 南昌路153号, 近茂名南路



For those looking for a more Asian experience. This place has a million different sweet takes on macha and  you can even have all the options together at once.


Where to get it: 185 Madang Lu, near Xingye Lu, Huangpu district // 卢湾区马当路185号, 近兴业路


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  1. Vanessa

    4 July

    CLOUD BERRY FROYO is soooo yummy. But those popsicles look amazing, where did u find them?

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