#Eat | Autumn Dinner at Haipai

Perfect For: An Autumn night
Address: 88 Song shan Road
Price: 180 RMB+

If you’re in the mood for something special this Autumn or you just want to pig out on some amazign seafood then you cannot miss HaiPai restaurant at Andaz in Xintiandi. Here you can find different kinds of dishes made of crab, shrimp and even an adventurous shark’s skin dish. The name HaiPai is a play on words and shows that the dishes served will be anything but typical. And don’t even bother guessing how they made these dishes (we asked and we think it’s just magic).

Seafood, Seafood, Seafood!

So seafood is the dish of the day at HaiPai and makes up around 60% of the menu. It’s literally like the paradise of seafood, you can find authentic crab from YangChen lake that tastes as if it was just pulled out and cooked. Thankfully they peeled and served the crab so you didn’t have to get messy. Skilled chefs often fail at attempting to serve crab without completely destroying it but the skills of the chef here are pretty evident.

The Special Dessert

Ice cream is pretty much standard everywhere and the flavors have been pretty much done to death. Thankfully at HaiPai they managed to make theirs stand out by using soy bean milk, meaning that the flavor isn’t sweet but is a lot creamier and milkier than normal ice cream and potentially a lot healthier, but probably isn’t.


Hai Pai Autumn Menu Shic Score

Food: 8/10
The food is pretty incredible and very well presented. It’s a must-try for any seafood lover but perhaps those who don’t like seafood wouldn’t appreciate the food as much.

Venue: 8/10
It’s inside the Andaz so you know that the place is pretty impressive. Plus it’s a great place to go and grab drinks before dinner and even a room if you’re too full to leave.

Service: 8/10
The service was pretty much as we would expect for the level of hotel and restaurant and everyone was polite and spoke English.

Off the top of my Shic head: 8/10
Without doubt, HaiPai is the place to go for anyone wanting some experimental seafood.


Love, Zoe + Indie

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