#Eat | Cooking Lesson with Jean Georges

#Eat | Cooking Lesson with Jean Georges

Jean-Georges // Three on the Bund // Dianping
Cuisine//特色菜: International
Address//地址: 中山东一路3号外滩3号2楼(近广东路) – Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu near Guangdong Lu (黄浦区 Huangpu District)
Phone//电话: (+86) 21 6321 7733
Price Range//价钱: RMB 500+
Best For//最合适: Any fine food lover.

Shanghai has so many restaurants that it’s damn near impossible to eat everywhere, but there’s a lot to be said about the art of home cooking. Forever jealous of friends who have those go to recipes they pull out at dinner parties, the last time my cooker was used was a year ago to warm up a meal from the M&S frozen section.

Well help was on hand to make sure that I had the skills to really impress my friends should I ever host a dinner party (and believe me, I will be hosting a dinner party after this). We were invited for a cooking lesson with the one and only legendary chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. I could probably spend the next 17,000 words talking about how amazing he is, but instead I’ll save you the hassle and just say he has Michelin stars and invented chocolate lava cake (legend).

The lesson took place at three on the bund, home to Mercato, New Heights, Nougatine and of course the Jean-Georges restaurant. Jean- Georges and head chef of the Shanghai location, Paul Eschbach, took us through three recipes that really got the taste buds tingling.

Red Snapper Crusted with Nuts and Seeds with a Sweet and Sour Mushroom Jus

A gorgeous dish made by pan frying a fillet of Red Snapper fish crusted with a mix of hazlenut, almond, coriander, sesame and black pepper. The best part was the Mushroom Jus made using honey, mushrooms, soy, sherry vinegar, lemon juice, butter and water. The flavours came together and the dish was just perfection and was ready in around 15 minutes.

Egg Caviar

A really great breakfast treat, this is scrambled eggs with a difference and served in the egg. The cream is infused with vodka and the Caviar is some of the freshest in the world. To get the perfect egg add a little butter, salt and cayenne pepper and just keep stirring the egg unit it’s fully cooked (this makes sure it doesn’t dry out). To serve the egg in the shell, you need to remove the top, take out the egg and the skin and then boil in water. To serve, put the egg in the shell, put the cream on top and the caviar in the middle. Perfection!

Kingfish Sashimi with Avocado, Yuzu and Radish

A great take on Japanese food infused with a western style. Great mix of sour and hot as the citrusy Yuzu-avocado blends with the fiery soy-jalepeno gel. Picking the best, freshest fish is the best solution for ensuring amazing flavour. Raddish cut Julienne is used to serve. I’m not usually a big sushi fan but this was literally ‘to die for’. The gel is agar which means that it really takes on the flavour that it’s infused with and will keep for a longer period of time. Sometimes I’m amazed at how much thought is put into making food.

Fois Gras Brulee & Dessert

As a super special treat we also got to try the delicious Fois Gras Brulee (fois gras with caramelised sugar on top served with fig jam) AND we got a quadruplet of desserts featuring the famous chocolate lava cake. We were also let into a little secret. The restaurant will be remodelling next year creating a brighter and airier dining space with more private dining rooms.



Jean-Georges Shanghai

So if all of this sounds delicious but maybe beyond your reach, you can still head over to the Jean-Georges restaurant to try it for yourself. Jean-Georges is really one of Shanghai’s best restaurants and even after 10 years it still stays modern. They have started using herbs like Sunflower and Thyme grown on hydroponic farms south of Shanghai and they were the tastiest herbs I’ve ever eaten. I’m super excited to see what they’re going to do with the space when they remodel. If I were you I’d get there fast to try their latest winter menu which includes Sauteed Fois Gras, Lobster, Wagyu Beef, Duck Breast and a whole lot more. What are you waiting for? Reserve. RESERVE NOW!!!!! (let’s face it, you’re not going to cook)


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