#Eat | Dinner at Cyclo

Perfect For // 最适合: A Vietnamese fix
Address// 地址: Cyclo Shanghai, 678 Shanxi Bei Lu, near Wuding Lu // 陕西北路678号, 近武定路
Price // 价格: 100 RMB+
Website: www.cyclorestaurant.com/

Having just come back from Vietnam, in case you didn’t know that we’d gone, one of the things that really stood out was the food. Completely different to Chinese dishes, Vietnamese food is fresh and full of different flavors. Well thankfully we have found our go-to spot for whenever we are craving some of those magical dishes. Cyclo, in Jing’An, is pretty much the authority on Vietnamese food in Shanghai.

Vietnamese Food Shanghai

Working in partnership with the Saigon Culinary Institute, Lin Li and is father set up the restaurant about 2 years ago wanting to bring quality Vietnamese food to Shanghai. The culinary duo have Vietnamese roots and settled on making sure that the flavours were authentic, so much so that they import pretty much all the ingredients directly from Vietnam, right down to the noodles. And you can really tell the difference. Cyclo Shanghai is THE spot for Vietnamese.

What to Order

1. Appetizer // – Fresh Spring Rolls
2. Appetizer // – Pork Ribs
3. Main // – Beef Pho
4. Main // – Mango Fish

Cyclo Shanghai

Cyclo Shanghai Shic Score

Food // 食物: 8/10
The food tastes authentic and the ingredients used really make a difference. You can even tell that the noodles have a different taste to the ones found in Chinese cuisine. Plus they do a pretty great Basil Drop.

Venue // 餐厅: 6.5/10
The restaurant itself is nice enough and is good for casual dining. Given that it’s a Vietnamese restaurant, I think it would be nice to see some more influences from Vietnam.

Service // 服务: 7/10
The service was good and food was brought out in good time and drinks were fast. Pretty standard service for the kind of restaurant that it is.

Off the top of my Shic head // 我们的感觉: 7.5/10
Really great Vietnamese food and definitely the place to go if you’ve ever got the South East Asian craving. Definitely a must when you’re looking for a hangover cure (Pho is the perfect medicine).



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