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Perfect for//适合: A special occasion or a girls night in.吃甜品不需要理由哪管什么场合 就买买买!
How to order: Get your cupcake fix at Somerian, Boom Boom Bagels or order online at MealBay. // 可以去MealBay订购
Website//网站: www.babycakeschina.com
Phone//电话: 186-2175-2263
Price//人均¥22 for Chocolate, Carrot, Vanilla, and Red Velvet (¥18 for orders 12 or more). ¥25 for Rose and Lavender (¥22 for orders 12 or more) // 巧克力,胡萝卜,香草,红丝绒口味每个售价22元(订购12个或者以上可以享受每个18元的特价)。玫瑰和薰衣草口味每个售价25元(订购12个或者以上可以享受每个22元的特价)

Stepping into Jodi’s home is like stepping into every sweet tooth’s dream. The house smells of freshly baked treats and every bit of space is taken up with the distictive packaging of the Babycakes brand. Whilst there are pretty much endless options when it comes to getting your sweet fix, cupcakes haven’t really managed to blossom the way they have in pretty much every other country in the world. Sure, you can get them all over town, but they never taste the way you think they should. Well Jodi and her Babycakes are sure to set the bar pretty high in the cupcake game.


babycakes china shanghai

 Babycakes Shanghai

This Chicago native is bringing the American recipe cupcakes we all love to the city and wants to give us all a sugar high. Using the highest quality ingredients that you’ll find in the city, or anywhere else for that matter, these little treats are sheer delight. You can take your pick from the traditional like Red Velvet, Chocolate or Carrot Cake or go adventurous and try the Lavender or the Rose, whichever you pick you’re sure to love them.


babycakes shanghai china

 Birthday Cake Shanghai

It’s not just #TeamShic who is becoming OBSESSED with these little pieces of heaven. Jodi has already convinced establishments like Boom Boom Bagels and Somerian to take on the cupcakes on taste alone. Be sure to grab these for the next birthday party or office event you have and you’re going to be the most popular person in the room.

这些蛋糕是如此的美味,别说我们整个Team Shic对她爱不释手,其他人也是Boom Boom Bagels, Somerian跃跃欲试。下次谁有生日聚会或者什么庆祝活动一定要记得提前订购,这样你绝对可以成为全场瞩目的焦点好嘛!


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